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ICS Services

Identity Access Management

In an increasingly complex systems it is always required to take care of important features like User Accounts, User Authorization and User Identity.

A simple and a clear administration of User Identities, User Roles, User Authorization and the introduction of Processes is required to reach the highest possible safety standard and to reduce the costs.

IAM Customer Benefit:

IAM ICS Benefits:

Since 50 years ICS AG has been successfully working in the Areas of Automation, Logistics, Supply Chain Integration and Safety in Industrial Sectors. Our experience gained from Aerospace, Transportation, Automotive and Industrial Engineering in Safety & Security has helped us to introduce new approaches in Functional and IT Security from Cyber Physical Systems in context of “Industry 4.0”. At the same time, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability must be ensured in modern systems and in particular, the networking of machines, controls and sensors must be secured. The safe plant controls and control systems used in this context “Secure Systems Control” not only requires secure software architectures, but also must be implemented in a standard-compliant process. Identity Access Management (IAM) plays a very important role in transmitting Personal data
directly, consistently and reliably so that system access can be made possible.

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